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Defined by attitude since 1980.

Times change. Technologies change. Customers change.

STEEL is an award-winning, independent creative agency. We partner with brands who need to understand and interact with rapidly changing audiences - in a rapidly changing digital landscape.

It’s not about ‘channels’ or ‘touchpoints’. It’s about taking an honest look at what your brand needs to communicate better. It’s about creating intelligent solutions that put people before technology. It’s about driving the right engagement from your customers - and extraordinary business results for you.

Our philosophy isn’t diluted. Our roots-level experience in marketing and advertising spans over 30 years. We call it creative intelligence. Or you could call it….


Don’t ask what. Ask why.

Other agencies may ask you, ‘What keeps you up at night?’ We ask, ‘Why?’

We’re architects before builders. Which means we like spending time with our clients: getting to know you, getting to know your business, and forming the grounds for a truly collaborative partnership. If you share this hands-on attitude, we can build beautiful briefs and deliver big, measurable results.

The STEEL approach works because of the finely-tuned expertise of our people, and because we throw in the perfect amount of left brain and right brain. Or, what we call STEEL Minded and STEEL Made.

STEEL Minded is the left brain stuff. The science, the logic, the research. It’s what helps us define who you are as a brand, and what your customers need from you.

STEEL Made is the right brain stuff. The art, the storytelling, the innovation. It’s our wickedly strong creative instinct that brings the science to life.


Attitude is where it all begins.

It takes attitude to step outside the expected. To change the course. To throw out the rule book and strike the match.

It takes attitude to be the risk-taker, the mark-maker, the person who has the guts to stare the impossible in the eye. To never be scared of challenging the mediocre. Because if you don’t, who will?

Everything that we call creative, intelligent, inspired - this has all been done with attitude.

Once you have it, attitude cannot be tamed. It cannot sit still. It can scare us, or it can define us.

We are defined by attitude. We are STEEL.