89% of brands are adopting a personalised and story driven approach to content marketing

More than ever customers expect a seamless and joined-up user experience from brand communication

(source Econsultancy)

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Only half of marketers have had training in today’s top eCRM skills

Unsubscribe rates have fallen 12.3% post GDPR

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YOY email volume rose 5% in 2018, with a reflective increase in revenue per email and CTR

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45% of total email opens and 58% of total clicks occur on mobile phones and tablets

(source Econsultancy)

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The average marketing message is five times more likely to be seen by email than on Facebook

Our award winning eCRM expertise

At STEEL London we’ve been passionate about data driven marketing for nearly 4 decades. By continually developing our eCRM marketing skills and experience we’ve delivered award winning success to a wide and diverse collection of client brands, from B2C to B2B, and from email automation to CDP. We like nothing better than to talk about email platforms, data tools, customer journeys, kinetic technology and anything else to do with the inbox. Some may call us email obsessive, but we prefer to see ourselves as consumer journey champions.

The majority of marketers talk about customer data. We talk about the customer. We are Audience Centric in everything we do. It underpins our methodologies and fuels the impressive results we achieve. We’re very proud of our powerful and innovative email marketing and we think we’re definitely worth talking to if that’s what you’re looking for.


It’s important to us that the very first thing we do when we start to work with a new client is to stop, take stock and learn as much as we can, as quickly as we can.


We see ourselves as being eCRM marketing architects before we’re ever builders. Seamlessly joining the customer journey communication dots is what we do.


We use our wide range of creative and technical skills to deliver highly effective and engaging emails.

It’s all about making every email connection count

What your customers do in their inbox is our obsession. We’re incredibly passionate about inbox behaviour; the audience, their actions, preferences and journeys is what gets us up in the morning.

We take immense pride in the work we create for our clients and their brands. We feel privileged to be able to work for such a wonderful range of brands and industry sectors to use our unique STEEL blend of data driven marketing experience and expertise employing our full service of strategic, creative and technical skills.

We never rest on our laurels and strongly believe in continually developing the power of highly personalised, technically enabled, intuitive marketing communication. Our pragmatic, but specialist approach to personalised data led marketing enables us to provide innovative solutions to a wide range of eCRM and email marketing challenges, be it data, strategic, creative, or technical, and sometimes all together, all at once!

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