About us

STEEL London is all about sitting with the brand audience, not talking to them from the stage. We walk in the customer’s shoes. We are eCRM Audience Centric in our methodology. What that means is that we understand what consumers what to see in their inbox, what will make them open and engage with an email, what will make them click, and what clicks with them. Through our data, technical, strategic and creative skills we wear the customers’ clothes, eat and drink what they do, drive their cars and love what makes them click. And by doing that we help brands really engage with their audience and become a valuable part of their lives and experiences.

Our history

Steel London has been helping brands achieve data driven communication success for nearly 4 decades and as one of the first agencies to embrace the power of digital, since 1993. We are incredibly proud of our heritage and particularly the long standing relationships with brands across a wide spectrum of industries, from Debenhams, TalkTalk and the BBC, to Warner Bros., Manchester United, giffgaff and Ovo. We see the major achievements made in partnership with such brands as illustrating our ability to immerse ourselves in our clients brands and their audience, while never resting on our laurels as we embrace a culture continual optimisation and innovation.

Our clients and the relationships we enjoy

The agency/client ‘partnership’ is such an overused term. Most agencies use the word to merely fill a gap in trying to explain how they would like to work with their clients. To us it’s all about first identifying what the gap is; where can we bring our skills and experience to blend with those that our clients already have to extend the capability, as one team? We work best when we work together with our clients, sharing the objectives, the hardwork and the success.

Great relationships work on many levels. To us it’s important to start by taking a good look at ourselves. It’s not about ‘us and them’, but about a blend of skills and intelligence between us and our clients.

Security & compliance

At STEEL we take security and compliance extremely importantly. Who wouldn’t, we ask? Afterall, we are dealing with real life data, real people in the real world. It’s not lists, or spreadsheets – it’s our customers, our audience. As ISO 27001 accredited we strictly employ best practices to meet the needs of our clients most rigorous standards. We have been a keen member of the DMA for many decades where we enthusiastically represent innovation in our field.

We’re very proud to work for: