Here at STEEL London, we offer a full eCRM services solution specifically designed to identify the gaps in existing email marketing strategies. With 40 years of independent, hands-on, experience in creating and implementing Audience Centric solutions, we are proud of our specialist marketing success. We believe that, you won’t find our expertise anywhere else.

Email Marketing Strategy & Email Marketing Planning

We employ bespoke methodologies, strategies, tools and talents to work in partnership with our clients and their teams to drive, deliver and develop eCRM success. We literally stand in the shoes of our clients’ audience to understand and plan user journey success. From acquisition, through onboarding, welcome, nursery, nurture, retention, loyalty and ultimately advocacy, we believe in developing a flexible programme that literally puts the customer at the heart of the communication. We focus on customer engagement by making every connection between a customer and brand count.

Email Campaign Automation

Is a simple open to click response enough in a world where effective personalised communication is all about relationship building? Automated software and tactics allow us to turn customers into delighted brand advocates, however automation in itself is not a complete solution. We help our clients to feed and fuel the automation machine to build healthier and longer lasting customer relationships.

Customer Journey Mapping for effective eCRM

If we could design a customer journey map across all of the communication touchpoints for your customers, what would it look like? And would it represent the journey you’d like to your customers to have, or are there gaps that need bridging? Standing in the shoes of the audience, they don’t want it to be channel, or communication specific. We work with our clients to help them see where, when and how their customers want to interact with the brand and create intuitive communication journeys that leave the customer feeling fulfilled.

Data Analysis Tools & Reporting Analytics

How do you measure email marketing success? At the core of email marketing is the need to continually test, learn and optimise. Setting and understanding core measurement goals lies drives effective eCRM, whether it’s CTR, conversion, bounce rates, awareness, acquisition, engagement, or pure RoI. We help our clients to define success, then we work with them to create the means and methods to deliver robust analysis, reporting, insights and development planning.

eCRM Consultancy

How can you improve your eCRM? Where are the performance gaps? Do you have a resource challenge, or knowledge gap? These are the questions we frequently find ourselves consulting on for our clients. Be it a workshop or helping to structure and manage change, our independent approach allows us to offer an unbiased consultation, from training, to implementation.

Email Marketing Platform Expertise

With years of experience and knowledge across multiple platforms of all sizes and structures, STEEL can bring a highly focussed approach to Cross-Platform consultancy. We are fiercely independent and therefore take pride in being able to offer our advice, help and recommendation free of any other influence aside from using our platform knowledge to deliver the best solutions, from review to coordinating a new platform solution.

Interactive Email Marketing

Interactive content is second nature to most of us these days, although email has traditionally lagged behind such a compelling experience, relying more on apparently flat and static communication. At STEEL we have a strongly held view that email communication needs to catch up and we’ve worked hard to prove that. Our groundbreaking and truly global leading work in the field of Kinetic Technology has enabled us to create incredibly immersive and engaging campaigns that feature rich and interactive content, including such functionality and browse and shop, multiple choice, interactive video and drag and drop.

Email Innovation

We can’t stop looking around the corner. We’re constantly asking what’s coming next? What’s the latest and greatest in email marketing and how can we apply it for our clients? We take the view that to future proof email marketing means accepting a constant state of evolution in everything we do. We have a track record of industry ‘firsts’ with our leading edge innovation. Today’s industry talk is all about Kinetic, AI, hyper personalisation and automation, but we’ve been researching, developing, building and banging on about such things for a fair few years before they become mainstream. We simply have to so we can be ready with the impact of such changes on day-to-day eCRM. For example, our groundbreaking Kinetic work, that is now revolutionising campaigns for our clients, sewed its seeds back in 2016 when we unveiled our first prototypes to our excited clients.

Customer Engagement Marketing

It feels like Customer Engagement Marketing has truly arrived, as brands tune into relevant, customer focussed, lifestyle messaging as valuable alternatives to promotional, Business As Usual, inbox noise. Putting Customer Experience top of the email marketing tree gives customers what they really, really want in their inbox and what they probably expected to get when they first signed up. We’ve been standing in the shoes of our clients’ audience for decades and in many ways we feel like the consumers’ champions. Delivering meaningful, relevant and engaging email marketing is rooted in our culture and with such a rich array of powerful tools to help us we are achieving amazing success.

Dynamic Content Email Marketing

Email marketing is being taken more seriously than ever and one good reason for that is Dynamic Content. Technology advances are finally coming home to the inbox and it’s changing everything about how we receive, open and engage with brand email communication. Dynamic content is not about letting the machine decide who gets what insomuch as recognising that we don’t all want to get the same, so give us what we like and more of it, please. Consumers want authentic content. And they want to be known by who they are, not just what they buy. And most of all they want their relationship with a brand to be recognised for its true value. They’re not a number. They’re a real, live consumer!

Salesforce Consultancy

Whilst remaining eCRM Platform agnostic, STEEL has particular expertise, many years experience and specialism in implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud solutions. By either filling any gaps in our client team’s expertise and capabilities, or in creating, building and implementing bespoke solutions, we provide consultation services and development across the Salesforce platform.

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