Traditionally brands took to email to broadcast their marketing messages, but over time this led to a dramatic rise in campaign volume corresponding with consumers increasingly turning off to the overtly obvious marketing being shouted at them. The rise in customer engagement marketing reflects an appreciation of the need to meet the audience half way by providing content that they relate to; stories that mean something. Email marketing, in particular, is the one place where engagement marketing finds its natural home.

By using softer, more intuitive consumer engagement communication that recognises the audience and their needs, we create a value exchange platform. By providing valuable insights, referrals, recommendations and reviews we can build trust and empathy. And by the intelligent use of dynamic content to inform and inspire we don’t have to try so hard to sell. It’s more about building consumer engagement connections and less about pushing product sales. People buy people and their stories, so what’s the story?

We have a saying at STEEL that goes, ‘show me the segmentation and we’ll show you the customers.’ Brands that are relevant to their audience sell more stuff. Consumers expect brands to do more than just sell to them, so by using the inbox as a way to develop a multi-contextual relationship we demonstrate a deeper value to why a customer should endorse, or advocate a brand choice.

A more integrated cross-channel approach to your email marketing can be a little unnerving, especially with such a wide selection of tools and tactics at your disposal. Filtering through and finding the most effective tools and solutions to create real engagement is where we excel.

Consumers have found new ways to filter out the “noise” from their inboxes, and it’s time for your brand to stand out from that noise. STEEL will help you develop engagement marketing strategies for your customers. We want to help you create meaningful interactions that steer both you and your customers towards a common goal.

Social Email - An Integrated Approach

When you combine social media data with email data, your eCRM relevance can see a dramatic improvement. Social email has the capability to increase your business’ targeting effectiveness by identifying more audience engagement criteria.

Interactive Email

An interactive email gives consumers the option of taking action within the email, while providing marketers with a valuable tactical tool. Interactive email marketing gives your brand the opportunity to dramatically increase audience engagement with an array of web based functionality and interaction.

Embrace Direct Action

It can be highly effective to have your consumer take Direct Action at the click of a button. This could come via a prompt in your customer engagement model or interactive email. By taking away click-through time to an external web page, you can encourage engagement and focus your content.

The way we use the inbox is changing fast and Customer & Consumer Engagement Marketing is one such way. We’d be happy to talk to you about great consumer engagement.

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