Do you have a visual representation of your customers’ every email interaction with your brand? If not, why not? On one level it describes the relationship between your brand and your audience, but on another it illustrates the sort of relationship the customer is having with the brand through their inbox.

Audience journeys can be complex, or simple depending on the end goals. Do the journeys depend on where they started? Do they depend on where the customer wants to go, or where the brand is forcing them to go? And what happens if it ends prematurely?

At STEEL we consider ourselves experts in customer journey mapping. We don’t want to let any customer experience slip out of touch, fall into a gap, not cross the bridge, or take the next step. We help our clients to stand in their customers shoes; to see life from their perspective. To gain a view on where the barriers are and how to overcome them. To us it’s about being the audience champions while making sense of the brand communication they receive at any and all times.

Consumers don’t see communication channels, they just see brands, so by making sure what they see happens at the right time and place not only increases their favourability, but it helps brands to not waste energy and money on out of place and out of context communication.

From inbox to checkout and beyond, our customer journey analysis will help you optimise your customers’ experience.

Identifying the status-quo

From the beginning of your customers’ journey, through to the end, what are their normal behaviours? What CTAs do they respond to? What decisions are they likely to make; what interests them in the first instance? All these questions will help us to build personas for your customers. To build an optimal journey map, you must first know your customers’ normal behaviours.


After identifying customer personas, we can plan more insightful user journeys. At the planning stage, we’ll have the ability to test a series of potential journeys for your customer and utilise what we’ve learned through audience identification to build the target market. Our ultimate aim is to engage with those who may previously have shown little interest in your product, while retaining the interest of those that have.

Journey Mapping

With the correct data in place, we’ll provide you with a stronger understanding of your customers’ behaviours and needs. The consumer journey will now align their needs with the most suitable content at the right time. By following your customers’ journey, you are more likely to retain them, or re-engage them with intuitive persona driven customer journey mapping.

Let’s talk more about how to get the most from user journey mapping.

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