Effective eCRM marketing depends on being able to measure what you do. How can we justify doing what we don’t know works? For us it’s first about understanding what is the right information before how to report on it. What are the key objectives? In other words, let’s not waste time and money with a lot of information that we’ll never need just because we can.

It’s then a question of how do we get the information to whomever needs it. Who needs to get the picture and is the picture the same for everyone? Where does the technology begin and end to enable the picture to come into view? How easy is it to see the full picture, or parts of it? What is it telling us? And where do we go to to dig a little deeper?

Our belief is that data analysis & Reporting Analytics is all about empowering the users, not learning to drive a shiny new tool, so in the same way that we employ Audience First methodology to our consumer marketing solutions, we do the same by putting the audience in front of the analytics. Quite simply, we will always look to find and recommend the most intuitive and reliable solution that meets the core objectives first, not fall in love with the technology itself.

Data Quality

How old is your data? How accurate is it? Does it relay a full picture of your target customer or area? Collecting data is something brands do every day. But not all of them do it efficiently, or effectively, and not all of them are aware of just how important long term data is.

Data Accessibility

There’s no use in collecting data if the right people cannot access it at the right time. To lose out on data due to accessibility issues is something no company wants to contend with. We can help to ensure your data management platform provides you with optimal management and analytics tools.


Like any development software, reporting and analytics software will be in its best state for use if it is regularly maintained and updated. Getting lazy with eCRM data will result in a disengaged audience. Don’t risk your data research losing its value.


The ultimate goal for data analytics is to be considered within a report. Letting your data reports influence your eCRM campaign will undoubtedly yield better results. At STEEL, we know this to be true, and we’d love to help you drive your results.

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