Because adaptive content, or dynamic content as it’s normally referred to, automatically changes as it reflects the users behaviours and preferences, it’s importance in the mission toward a single customer level of personalised email communication can’t be understated.

And with today’s powerful email automation technology delivering control directly in to our hands, as marketers, is there really any excuse not to produce highly relevant, audience-centric communication now? Well, accepting certain constraints, such as access to the right technology, we can’t lose sight of the fact that consumers not only expect to be recognised as individuals, but they demand it. Now is the time to get as close as possible to your audience, giving them what they want, how and when they want it.

Dynamic content strategy

STEEL’s Audience Centric methodology, working with your customers’ demographic, geographic, behavioral, preferential and psychographic data, will model the best blend of dynamic content activity to match your customer segmentation at each touchpoint in the user journey.

Dynamic content management & implementation

We deliver all aspects of dynamic content creation and management, including owned content, asset libraries, content networks and bespoke platform solutions. We are highly experienced in implementing many asset management services and real-time enabled dynamic content platforms such as Movable Ink, Grouptree and Optimove within a large number ecrm platforms, from Mailchimp to Salesforce.

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