STEEL provides independent, hands on eCRM consultancy for brands that don’t always have the internal resources needed to cover every aspect of their email marketing platforms. We offer professional consultancy to our clients that’s tailored to their individual needs and designed to insure we can fill the gaps in their eCRM capability. We provide a range of services, from training, education and workshops, to project management and campaign solutions.

Capability Audits

This is a key part of our eCRM Consultancy work. The Capability Audit allows us to measure our clients’ strength in different organisational capabilities. If you’re looking to find the most efficient way your workforce and the resources at their disposal can come together.

Gap Analysis

Ensure you get the most out of your eCRM activity with our Gap Analysis. An integral part to our email marketing consultancy service, we will help define our clients’ next steps to their core objectives and ambitions.

Request For Proposal (RFP) Support

Change is continual and ever more rapid and frequent. we embrace change and are adept at supporting our clients in that journey. Whether it’s technical expertise, specialised capability or the need to further develop the email marketing product itself, we are on hand to help to offer our skills and expertise.

Training and Support

Whatever your training and development needs are, we can tailor a course to suit. The world of eCRM can be daunting, and expensive if mistakes are made. We take pride in helping our clients develop their knowledge and make more informed decisions for the future. Our clients see us as a trusted, independent resource to help guide them through the maze of eCRM.

Strategic Workshops

Discovering, exploring, or simply laying bare where you currently are, where you’d like to be and what the barriers are to progress is what our informative workshops are all about. Many times our clients have described them as “email therapy”. We find it’s a perfect way to get to know a prospective clients, while refining their needs. We’d obviously be delighted to arrange a session with you!

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