ECRM, when used to its best potential, can have a powerful effect on your conversion rates. Perhaps eCRM is something your business has always wanted to utilise, but the strategy isn’t available in house. STEEL are here to offer our expertise; through thorough investigation into your email marketing campaigns, we can devise a bespoke set of objectives that open you up to a new world of ideas through eCRM.

We know it can be stressful when businesses know they have the email marketing tools and the right people for the job, but still aren’t seeing the results they deserve. We work closely with our clients, creating SMART objectives through analysing current eCRM strategic planning models. If you’re not confident you’re getting the most out of the expensive tools you’ve invested in, let us help with your eCRM strategy and a develop an effective email marketing model.

Data and Insight

At the discovery stage of our eCRM marketing strategy, we will delve into all of those data archives that you’ve stored away. The best email strategy will revolve around precise data; finding the gaps in the current strategy and plugging those gaps. Our experienced insight will be completely at your disposal as our hands-on team integrate with your own, providing you with the best starting point for your new eCRM strategy.

Strategy and Planning

When it comes to the devise stage of your new email strategy, we might suggest the fundamentals such as growing subscriber lists; improving measurement metrics (open rate, click-through and dwell time); decreasing unsubscribes and spam reports, improving the data gathered at each touchpoint. Through the expertise we’ve gained from analysing your data, we always ensure that when we’re devising, your clients, and business, are at the heart of our work.

Testing and Delivery

At the final developmental stage of the strategy, we take all precautions to ensure the final product is optimal. Through testing the different strategies available, we can again use data to ensure that the eCRM strategic planning process has led us to the best possible end product for your customers, and ultimately your business.

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