Many businesses struggle with the complexities of the already large number of email marketing automation tools available. It isn’t surprising, as technology continues to accelerate leaving many older tools behind that it can be hard to keep up. The fear of the intricacy of these new automation tools, can also be a barrier to developing in-house knowledge.

At STEEL, we can provide business level insight into your email marketing automation and personalised solutions. In conjunction with an effective eCRM strategy, we’ll help you deliver more measurably engaging content to your audience.

Test, Learn and Optimise

At STEEL, ‘Test and Learn’ is a way of life. We believe that for any strategy to be effective, it is essential to adopt a strategic Test and Learn approach and attitude to continually drive and optimise communication. Each campaign is an opportunity to do this. It’s about the need to challenge the existing and never rest on past success.

To make Test and Learn effective it needs discipline; a well structure process and a dedicated guardian. That is exactly what we offer our clients.

Data Science and Insight

Our data science, insight expertise and experience informs the way we investigate current strategies to identify insights and fuel progression. The answer lies in the detail and identifying what is relevant is vital to the way we work. It’s so easy to drown in data, but we keep our science simple and effective. That’s what we’re good at; less is more.

Increased Engagement

Increasing engagement is vital, but how do we know how engaged your customers are? Most brands list engagement as a primary requirement, but then fall short in being able to identify the right strategies to build such behaviours. Automation should optimise key engagement behaviour, so identifying and setting such goals from the audience perspective is route one as far as we at STEEL are concerned.

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