Email seems to have been around forever, doesn’t it? There’s a reason for that and it’s because there really is no alternative to email for highly effective, direct to consumer communication. It’s the preferred channel for marketers the world over and a principle revenue driver. Oh, and it’s very good at retaining audience interest too. So, how innovative is email marketing technology?

The barriers to email innovation are constantly falling giving rise to advances such as Kinetic Technology. Automation and data integration with such concepts as CDP, along with huge platform advances also mean that such innovation in email marketing and technology can be introduced at speed and with a lot more ease. We are seeing a drive toward intuitive personalisation and relevancy, where communication is much less about volume and far more about intelligent learning. Much less about quantity and far more about the individual recipient, their needs, behaviours, and product and service fit.

We are now able to better understanding the true value of engagement within direct communication and the future looks very exciting for the inbox. We believe that email marketing has only just started to look to the future of personalised communication and the next wave of innovation will be incredibly effective.
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Innovation comes from big thinking. Let STEEL sit down with your team and help you look to the future. It’s a common misconception that eCRM is a dated, one-size-fits-all system. As technology develops, so do innovative ways of capturing your customers’ needs. Using the the power of today’s data-driven technology you can forward that need directly to their inbox, in many engaging guises. Knowing your customers’ journey, behaviours and barriers is always a good starting point.

Brand-side Innovation

We know that innovation comes in many different shapes and sizes, and innovative ideas and email marketing look different for every brand. we help our clients plan and develop innovation for their audiences. STEEL has always taken immense pride in being a true hands-on agency that will integrate seamlessly into brand-side teams, offering and sustaining the next generation communication solutions.

Dynamic Content

Dynamic, or adaptive content will mirror audience behaviour and preferences to provide relevance. Giving people what they want, when and where they want it is our basic philosophy. We work in the interests of the user to deliver brand success. Yes, it’s a ‘win/win’ approach. from that first subject line, to the reason to click, take an action, provide more personal data and then to come back and buy more, the reasons for such audience engagement primarily rests on receiving the right type of content.

Powered by technology, we deliver content that understands and recognises who it’s intended for. It’s much more than knowing the customer’s name. It’s about knowing what they like and giving them more of that, as often as they like. We use animation, gamification, transitions and triggered displays to prove that dynamic content dramatically improves core KPIs.

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