Being fiercely independent at STEEL, we’re proud to say that we are not tied to any one eCRM platform. Our wide experience and knowledge stretches across many email marketing platforms. This knowledge allows us to provide an very wide and deep level of technical support and expertise to brands. Our 40 years of hands-on experience has enabled us to develop a robust and reliable range of process knowledge, meaning we provide a high level of qualified recommendation.

Cross-Platform Expertise

From Salesforce MC to Mailchimp, our knowledge of eCRM platforms is vast. With a huge variety of platforms to choose from, it’s easy to get lost amongst the features on offer. From automation specialist platforms to customisation heavy platforms, we can assure you we’ll know the right one for your business. Our experts provide an wide reaching range of experience and knowledge, enabling us to be the leading agency we are.

Unbiased Platform Recommendations

If you come to STEEL for email marketing platform knowledge, we’ll put your business and eCRM marketing objectives at the centre of our research, planning and proposal. We don’t select a platform based on a personal preference. Our cross-platform expertise allows us to tailor fit a platform to your eCRM objectives and in-house resource and skill set.

Platform Training and Support

Our intention is to always enable our clients. We work best when we deliver in-house capability. it’s not our role to replace or replicate the skills and knowledge that a brand already has, but to develop and structure progression and this applies to Platform Training and Support. If you feel as though you need some training and support with your new or existing email marketing platform, whether your needs are on a continuous basis or just one-off, we’d love to help.

We offer an independent eCRM cross-platform support service that we’d love to talk to you about.

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