What do your customers receive in their inbox, and when? How often do they want to hear from you? When are they more likely to open and continue to read your emails to them? And what do they do when they have read the emails? In simple terms, effective email marketing, strategy and planning is all about who gets sent what, when and where. It sounds easy, but in a world of inbox noise and with all of us becoming increasingly time poor, the need for core and consistent strategic planning often falls victim to the desire to batch and blast broadcast. STEEL offer key strategic support to our clients, but adding to and complementing internal brand resource with our in-depth expertise across multiple industries and audiences.

We know it can be stressful when a brand has the right email marketing tools and the right people for the job, but still can’t quite achieve the right results. We work closely with our clients, creating SMART objectives through analysing current eCRM strategic planning models. If you’re not confident you’re getting the most out of the expensive tools you’ve invested in, let us help with your eCRM strategy and develop an effective email marketing model.

Data and Insight

Thankfully the world has stopped talking about ‘Big Data’ these days. At STEEL we adopt an Audience Centric methodology at all times. We are obsessed with data, but we see it as being preoccupied with people and their behaviours, preferences and motivations. It’s about creating real life out of the binary world to drive meaningful and relevant communication.

Strategy and Planning

We love to plan. And when a plan comes to life, that’s the best bit!

From acquisition, though conversion, to retention and advocacy, we’re in our element. be it working with the fundamentals, such as growing subscriber lists, improving measurement metrics (open rate, click-through and dwell time), decreasing unsubscribes and spam reports, to improving the data gathered at each touchpoint, that’s what we do.

Testing and Delivery

Test and Learn; Continual optimisation is in STEEL’s DNA, in each and every communication. We see the inbox as our development lab, where we can subject what we already know to what we can learn, and in so doing continue to focus and optimise.

Whether it’s the data, content, creative, delivery or the use of technology, our relentless drive to advance our understanding of how to increase effectiveness is obligatory in our methodology and culture. We never rest on our laurels in everything we do.

There’s nothing we like more than planning eCRM marketing success and we’d love to talk to you about how we do it.

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